Saturday, November 12, 2011

Snowflake Costume

Here are the pictures that show the solution to our snowflake costume dilemma.  If you saw my earlier post, I was looking for ideas on snowflake costumes that are cheap and easy to make.  My garbage bag idea was too trashy (pun intended), so my Art teacher friend came up with an awesome idea.  Ironically, she found my blog while searching for snowflake costume ideas before she came up with her own.

I walked into her classroom the other day to see 6 tables that looked just like this...

I picked her brain a little to see what she did and took a few cell phone pictures.

  • Fabric paint Blue, White, and Glitter
  • Spray bottle (she actually used an old bottle that originally had cleaner in it)
  • Blue Felt
  • Cardboard Snowflake decorations for template
  • Glue and snowflake foam pieces (extras)
  • Paint brush
  • Thick blue yarn
  1. She bought the blue felt and cut them into circles.  I probably would have had problems with even the first step.  My circles may resemble Mr. Potato heads. :P
  2. She took the blue fabric paint and diluted and put it into a spray bottle. 
  3. Using the templates she placed them on the blue felt and spayed the diluted blue fabric paint over them.  It looks awesome like it was air brushed on. 
  4. She used a mixture of the white fabric paint and glitter paint to paint in where the template was to accent the snowflake patterns.
  5. She also glued on a couple felt snowflakes.  They look great with or without these.
  6. She is going to punch a hole in it to attach thick blue yarn so the children can wear these like a necklace.
I'm so excited!  They've been singing their 3 songs since October.  I only see them once a week, so we had to start early...especially with Thanksgiving week off.

The kids will wear a white polo shirt which is part of our school uniform, so most of them should have one.  If they don't they will wear a blue polo shirt.  I've asked them to wear light khaki pants or white.
This was the 1st design where she used a sponge to apply the fabric paint.

Here's the 2nd design, but we don't have the string/rope on it to wear it like a necklace for the concert.  I taped this one on for the picture. :P


1955nurse said...

Shows you how creative Moms can be, when we need to!!! Your kids are just sooo adorable, BTW! Happy Holidays....

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer, these are great! I hope you don't mind that I'm pinning this to Pinterest as a costuming suggestion for a children's musical called "Flakes" which you should check out if you ever do musicals with your younger grades! --Vanessa, Popplers Music

Bashiebeach said...

Thank you for these easy, but lovely snowflakes. I have to make 50.

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