Friday, November 11, 2011

Bubby's 1st haircut!

We did it.  We cut off his cute little curls.  The top was getting pretty long and I knew it was time to cut it.  I thought about just trimming the top and leaving the curls, but I didn't want him to have a mullet.  Just another sign my baby boy isn't so much a baby anymore.  :}




Ice Cream Treat!

He did such a good job!  We weren't sure how we would react or if he'd let the lady cut his hair, but he did great.  I was a little worried when the woman said that she'd try, but there were no guarantees.  He didn't want the cape on which I should have known better.  He's hates bibs and always has.  I took that off and he whined for a second and then was fine.  He was more curious about what she was doing than upset.  That's more than what we could say about the little girl next to us.  She was screaming.  I felt so bad for the Dad (and the hairstylist) that was trying so hard to get her to calm down, so they could finish.

He now has a cute little boy hair cut.

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