Friday, November 11, 2011

Gus Timer Night Light is half off

I bought one of these for Sissy a couple months ago and she LOVES it.  She has the purple one (which is sold out).  It is perfect for her.  She likes to use it while she "reads" at night and it sits in bed with her.  It's one of her "must haves" in bed.  We still haven't burned through the original batteries that we put in it.  Many times she changes the timer, so that it stays on.  I'm amazed at how long the battery has lasted.  When she got her big girl bed I made sure she had her Gus with her so she could see if she needed to get up to go "potty."  She even drew a picture of her turtle one day.  I think she loves it too much. :)

It is $9.99 right now on babyhalfoff and will probably only last the rest of the night.  They also have these cute sleep training alarm clocks on sale for $19.99.

Update - They may be sold out already.  Keep an eye on because they may be back and they are awesome.  Someone posted on FB that they are worth the full price.  I agree, but half price is even better.

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Erin said...

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