Monday, November 21, 2011

Hulu Hoop Lessons from a 4 yr old

Sissy decided she was going to teach me how to hulu hoop.  She is an expert and I can only do it on my neck or arm. :P


Step 1: Put the hulu hoop around your back
Step 2: Prepare to spin  (Me: Spin?! Sissy: No!  Prepare to spin.)
Step 3 : Spin it
Step 4: Wiggle your hips

It didn't work, but she insisted on trying to teach me. LOL  I still can't believe how awesome she is a hula hooping!  We bought her a hulu hoop from her birthday.  We had a $3 off $3 at ToysRus for her birthday which I thought would be a disaster to use.  What in the world could we get that wasn't ultra expensive, but we could still use the $3 coupon.  A hula hoop!  She really wanted one, so it was perfect.  I was worried about her not being able to hula hoop, so we discussed all the fun things you can do with a hula hoop that wasn't officially hula hooping.  I said she could hop in/out of it, jump through it like a jump rope, spin it around on her arm, etc.  Within several days she was hula hooping.  Now she is the household expert because no one else can do it, but her.

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