Friday, November 18, 2011

My 1st Home Studio Photoshoot

I set up a home studio for less than $150.  I got the idea from here, but much cheaper and no where near as sophisticated for her.  I'm not a professional...just a mama photographer wannabe.

My first photos from my home photoshoot were in May.  I took pictures (with lots of help from my husband) mostly for Bubby's 1st Birthday.  I can't believe it has been 6 months already!

She loved making different faces!

My 3 most favorite people!
 It was a start, but I think I've improved since then.  At least I hope so. I'm planning on sharing more of my little photoshoots.  I may go back in time a little.  If you want more details on my home photo "studio" leave a comment and I'll share a post.


Mari said...

I love photography as well, though I'm an amateur. Unfortuately my son is at an age where he hates having his picture taken!

Debbi said...

Great pics! Oh my goodness, you certainly have adorable children to photograph!!

Dee said...

So cute! I love photograph and appreciate a good photo and these are definitely amazing. Your kids are truly adorable! :)

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