Thursday, November 17, 2011

Classroom Pet

This little guy was sitting on the gate outside by my classroom.  I'm surprised he let me get as close to him as he did.  We have quite a few squirrels around my room.  I have a row of small windows in the front of my room that are up close to the ceiling lever ( start about 6-7ft high).  It's fun when the squirrels hang out up there while I'm much for my lesson.  I just can't compete with a squirrel!  I've tried many, many times. :P 

I see them all the time run across the lower windows in the back, but most of the time the kids don't see them and I don't point them out. 

I just had a flash back to my piano lessons in college.  My piano teacher had a class room that overlooked a lake and she loved looking at birds and pointing out different species.  I spent SO many lessons pretending to be interested increasing my knowledge of the various species of birds.  You'd think I'd be an expert on birds, but I instead I don't know much about bird and I'm not a fantastic pianist.

I also have what I believe is a skink that likes to hang out around my room.  He disappears for awhile, but always comes back.  He looks a lot like this:

I should start naming my classroom pets.  Any suggestions? :)

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Unknown said...

NEON for the skink! and Pockets for the squirrel!
heartnsoulcooking at gmail dot com

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