Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Warranties...do companies honor them??

I guess we are suckers.  We see a great warrant and end up spending more because it's covered.  Right?  Wrong!  In my experience, it's very rare for a company to actually honor their so called warranty. There are so many loopholes they get out of them.  Plus I imagine many people (myself included at times) forget we even had a warranty. So...when I actually remember and go through the whole long process of trying to get a warranty covered just to be told "nope not covered" it's very frustrating. 

Do you ever have luck with so called warranties?  This last one strung me along for 6 months. Yes 6 months asking for info etc just to say nothing is covered.

Next post...the offending companies.

Hint: Don't ever spend extra on a fancy swing set because it has a great warranty over one you can get cheap at Sam's Club. My friend and I bought at the same time and both lasted the same.  Mine had a warranty on paper, but not in actuality.   She didn't mind throwing hers out because they paid a 3rd kr 4th what we paid. 
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