Thursday, July 5, 2018

Orlando Watersports Complex - Giveaway ends 7/11

Central Florida’s First Aquapark

We were invited to come and try out Orlando Watersports Complex with my family.  It looks amazing, but I wasn't sure it would be the best fit for us just yet because my twins are only 2yrs old and this isn't my husband's idea of fun.   I decided to pass along the tickets to another family to enjoy and the wonderful people at Orlando Watersports Complex agreed to allow me to give some tickets away.  I have 5 all day passes to share and 2 session tickets.

Click here for their website for more information!

They offer wakeboarding, waterskiing, kneeborading, wakesurfing, wakeskating, tubing, paddleboarding, boat sessions, and a huge Aquapark.

To enter the Giveaway go to my Facebook page.


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Fiber Optic LED Light up Shoes Review

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I got these shoes from Amazon for my daughter as a gift. They are pretty cool.  They do run a little big so keep that in mind if you get them. She is still growing though and they do go on so she isn't complaining.   I'm 2.5 sizes bigger in shoes than her and I can squeeze my big feet in them. They are too small for me, but they have some stretch and actually felt pretty comfortable even being too small.

My kids LOVE them.  ALL of them. The on/off switch is on the back behind the heal.  There are several colors and even flashing.  Each shoes can be set however you want.  As a teacher, I hate light up shoes because I'm always telling kids to turn their shoes off which is something I never imagined. I will say these are pretty cool.  I probably won't let my daughter wear them to school though unless it is wacky day or something fun like that, but she loves wearing them everywhere else.

Check out these awesome shoes at Amazon.  Prices vary based on size etc. They come in kids sizes to adult and also in different colors (black, pink, and white).

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Summer British Soccer Camp Near YOU - Free Jersey, Ball, T-shirt Plus more!

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As you know, I'm a teacher.  We are counting down the days to summer.  We are ready!  I always keep my kids home with me for the summer and we enjoy lots of time together.  My older two are getting bigger (10 & almost 8) and are wanting to do more sports activities etc.  The school year is crazy with everything going on so I've been neglecting them a little in this area.  I was asked to advertise this British Summer Camp and there's one in our town.  My kids want to go SO bad.  Check out the details below and get some freebies!

British Soccer Camps are the most popular soccer camp in the US. With an innovative curriculum that develops skills, speed and confidence in players ages 3-18, The British Soccer Camp provide boys and girls with the rare opportunity to receive high-level soccer coaching from a team of international expert's right in the heart of their own community. In addition to teaching new skills and improving game performance, each British Soccer Camp provides lessons in character development, cultural education and is the most fun your child can have learning the sport they love!


Enroll in the most popular soccer camp in North America! British Soccer Camps have programs for all ages and abilities and feature an innovative curriculum full of skills, drills, and thrills! 4

Register now and you will not only get your free British Soccer game jersey (value $34.95) shipped to you for free immediately, but you will also get our brand new skill development App and 20 videos to help your child practice at home. Your soccer ball, T-shirt & poster will be given out at camp. 

USE CODE BSC18 at check out to get free shipping.

To Enroll:

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Crayola Experience Orlando - Review

Tickets were provided to enjoy this experience.
We went to Crayola Experience yesterday and all four of my kids had a blast! We actually went last summer, but my twins were only 1 then and really couldn't do a ton. They loved the play area, but trying to contain them was difficult with their newly acquired skill of running. This year there was much more for them to do. My twins ran in excitedly yelling "color, color!" They grabbed the first marker coloring area they could find.
My older two kids are 10&7 and right away they settled into the coloring table. I took the twins to the toddler play area which they love. They especially loved the huge light up display like a gigantic lite brite.

 We all did drip art and the crayon mold.  My twins were so happy about their car and shark crayon.  They also enjoyed the chalk and dry erase section where they could write on the walls, floor, characters (puppy was their favorite). 

There was plenty to do to keep them busy for hours.  Think of it like the ultimate craft day.  All those crafts that you are meaning to do at home, but it takes time, you need supplies, the mess, clean up etc may keep you from getting to it.  The kids can do any kind of craft or art you can think of.  Coloring, markers, crayons, digital art, origami, painting, molding, cutting, etc.  My boys threw a tantrum when I finally said we needed to leave the painting section.  It's SO hard being 2!  The amount of time you will spend all depends on how long your little ones will want to spend on the various projects.  My older 2 spent almost an hour coloring their dragon that they took to a computer and brought to life and coloring a dolphin.  My twins won't sit still for that long, but they enjoyed the play areas and sat for awhile to paint. 

Here is a map of the main area for activities.

I think for the older two the Adventure Lab was one of their favorites.  It is new and not listed on the map.  It's where the paint palette is listed.  You get a tablet and it leads you to three different areas inside to complete a puzzle or mission.  They must have completed 3-5 missions each.

Everything inside is included except for the personalized crayons and the model magic.  You get 2 tokens with each ticket to spend on the model magic or creating your own crayon label.  We even got two coins for the twins who were free because they are under 3.  They loved the model magic.

We happened to be there during the Clearwater Marine Aquarium presentation/event.  My daughter and son stopped to learn about Otters.  They were both given a plush Sea Turtle which was a nice surprise.

I think Crayola Experience is great for kids of all ages.  My kids ages 2-10 were quite happy to spend most of the day there.  There was plenty to keep them busy.  Plus it's a much slower go at your own pace than nearby theme parks.  I will say that it is most cost efficient to get a year pass if you live nearby.  It's only a few dollars more than the ticket cost.

Are you planning on going?  If so SAVE $4 OFF General Admission to Crayola Experience when purchased online via this link.

Ps. My 10yr old took several of the pictures included in this post. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

$4 off of Crayola Experience in Orlando!

We took the kids to Crayola Experience last summer and they loved it.  I chased after the younger two (1.5yrs old at the time) while my husband took the older 2 to the different stations.  They LOVED naming their own crayon.  They got to mold their own crayon shapes.  There was a huge lite brite type thing that the twins loved.  Plus a play area for older kids and younger kids.  They had a show and a crayola magic mold section.  Lots to do

Twins having a blast at Crayola experience!

Now you can save $4 if you purchase online!  This is directly from the lovely people at Crayola Experience.

Discover the magic of color with 26 hands-on attractions. More than 70,000 square feet of wonderful, whimsical adventures await your family at this one-of-a-kind attraction located at the Florida Mall in Orlando, Florida. Bigger, brighter and bolder than ever, the colorful adventures of Crayola Experience help kids and adults alike explore art and technology, express their creativity and experience color in a whole new way. Also, featuring live entertainment. To learn more, visit or join the conversation

SAVE $4 OFF General Admission to Crayola Experience when purchased online via this link.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Awesome Mini Projector

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I found this awesome mini projector on Amazon. I was looking for something small for work and home.  For work I already have a mounted projector, but I needed something for occasional use and something portable to take to other classrooms. This one is perfect and was only  $69 with Prime shipping.   My daughter took it for now until I need it for work. She doesn't have a TV, but we recently gave her an older laptop to use. She loves watching kid shows on Netflix. We hooked this up and now she is watching movies with Bubby like they are at a theater.

It is vey lightweight and easy to plug in and transport. We love it.

Looks Great!  we didn't take off her puppy sticker decals and the wall isn't white  

My kids definitely love it. I'll definitely using it at work. It's also great for vacations if you need a tv or want to take the theater with you type experience.

 Features - From Amazon

  • TENKER RD805 Movie Projector: 1200 lumens Mini projector with 50" to 150'' huge image gives you home cinema viewing experience in the comfort of your own home. PLEASE NOTE: As home entertainment projector, we do not recommend it for PPTs or business presentations.
  • Multimedia Video projector: This Mini projector can be connected to your Amazon Fire Stick, TV Box, DVD player, PCs, Tablet, Laptops, PS3, Xbox, USB flash drive, iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphone ( Wireless HDMI Dongle not included).
  • IMPORTANT SPECIFICATIONS: Long lamp lifetime: 50000 hrs; LED brightness 1200 lumens; High 800*480 native resolution supported resolution 1920*1080; Throw Distance 4.9 to 13.12 feet; Throw screen: 50" to 150"; Throw ratio 1.4:1; Aspect ratio 4:3/16:9.
  • REDUCED FAN NOSISE: Thanks to continued improvements in development, the powerful cooling fan has a much reduced noise, which translates into less distraction for you when viewing movies or playing games.
  • LEADING WARRANTY: With 3-YEAR warranty and professional customer service & technical support on hand, you can buy from us with confidence. If you have any problem or questions with your purchase, please feel free to contact us anytime!

Get your own here on Amazon!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Ozeri Touch II 18 lbs. Digital Kitchen Scale Review

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I receive this kitchen scale to review. I have been looking to get a kitchen scale for a while now so this was perfect for us. I will admit I do use it for weighing packages for the mail as well as weighing food. It works great for this double purpose. I have not had any issues with accuracy or else I would be charged more for postage.  I've used it for several things.  One item was over 4lbs.  It was a little hard to see the weight because my box was huge, but this scale isn't meant for that.  I love this scale. It's small lightweight and accurate.  I can think of lots of uses for it.

Here is information provided on the scale.  It comes in 3 colors (white and red as well as the blue/teal above).

  • Industry exclusive scale features Microban antimicrobial product protection that helps prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.
  • Boasts 2 touch sensitive buttons, 4 high precision GFX sensors, a large Blue LCD screen, and a capacity range of 0.05 oz to 18 lbs or 1 g to 8000 g.
  • Award-winning thin design is infused with Microban antimicrobial technology to provide an added level of protection that won't ever wear away.
  • Precision Tare button subtracts the container weight for the net ingredient weight; easy Unit button instantly converts between lb/oz, g, fl.oz., ml.
  • Includes 2 Lithium batteries and an easy-access battery compartment (no screwdriver needed). NOTE: remove the battery insulating strip before attempting to use the device.
Find it on Amazon HERE.  The price varies from $18 - 28

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