Saturday, December 28, 2019

Medieval Times Surprise! Giveaway and 40% off too

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We surprised the kids with a trip to Medieval Times. They were so excited.   J asked if there would be dragons. Haha.  He was just as excited to see the horses so there was no disappointment over the lack of dragons. We went to an early show and there were not a ton of people which was awesome. We were in the 2nd row behind the VIP folks.

The food was delicious! Just be prepared because it is a LOT of food for the kiddos. Ask for a bag to take home their extras.  I just cut off the chicken leg and wing for the little guys and saved the rest. The tomato soap was delicious!  See the picture of my pickiest eater drinking it down??! There's even ice cream for dessert (cake for those VIP folks). No utensils except your hands so bring anything you may need. I brought a little plastic disposable set because with 2 in braces I knew they couldn't eat the corn.

Our knight didn't win, but we still loved cheering him on.  Oh and he threw a flower to my daughter.  She was in heaven.  My boys were giddy to see the Falcon fly overhead a few times.

There were also medieval rooms set up to tour. I didn't even realize they were there until we were leaving. It's pretty amazing to get a glimpse at how they lived and did things.  There was an 800+year old manual loom to make clothes. The torture room was a bit alarming when you realize people actually used devices like these in the past.

It was so much fun. It is definitely a great family event.

Are you interested? I know it can get pretty expensive, but they have deals!  Enter to win 4 tickets. They give them away monthly through 9/2020. Go HERE!

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Save 40% on Adults & 20% on Kids Offer not valid in Scottsdale, AZ or for any late NYE show. Valid through 9/30/2020. Restrictions may apply.

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