Saturday, December 18, 2010

My 3 year old's Christmas Wish List

When I ask Sissy what she wants for Christmas she always answers with "I want my own dohn (aka cell phone) with lots and lots of games on it."  She's 3 years old and wants her own cell phone.  I'm in big trouble.  What is she going to want when she is 16?  Needless to say, she is not getting her own cell phone for Christmas.  Hopefully, a Leapster Explorer will do.

I asked her if she wanted any clothes and she said "No.  I already have lots of clothes." LOL

She only wants a phone. :P

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Duplo - $10

This duplo set is only $10 at Walmart!  Sissy doesn't need anything with more pieces, but she LOVES to build "towers" with her duplos  At this price I can't pass it up.  I'm sure she will love the animals.  Now if I can just get her to put them all the right place.  :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chili's Holiday Deals

We love to eat out.  I know we (my husband helps cook too...I know I'm a lucky woman) should cook more at home, but by the time we both get home after teaching all day we are both exhausted.  We end up eating a lot of easy to cook frozen meals and such.

When we do go out we have a 3 year old that doesn't always sit still, never sits quietly, and rarely eats much of her food.  Then we have our 6 month old that has recently found is "I'm not happy" voice.  My little man is getting to where he needs a short evening nap to help him make it to bed time, so he gets a bit fussy right about the time we would go out.  Needless to say, we end up rushing through dinner (as much as the server will allow us).  With prices going up everywhere it almost doesn't feel worth it to got out.

I just found that Chili's is having daily holiday specials.  I wish I had known this earlier...we might have gone out there last night instead!

Check out the deals here.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I'm loving slickdeals this season!  I'm "cheap" and always have been, so I can't resist a good deal.  My problem is trying not to buy something just because it is a great deal even though we don't need it.  If you don't need it and won't use it then it is not a deal...or at least that's what I try to tell myself.

I have found some awesome deal on things I was already going to purchase anyway, so that makes this cheap, frugal, penny pinching Momma happy. 

I also love fatwallet, but I've been using slickdeals more this year.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, December 6, 2010

All I want for Christmas

The song "All I want for Christmas is you" was on the radio.  I sang it to my 3 year old and she said "Nooo!  I want a baby doll Mommy."

Apparently, she wants a doll more than her Mommy.  LOL Silly girl.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Winner is....

...comment # 3.  Berrybuzz.  I don't have your email, so please contact me in the next 48 hours so that I can send your outfit to you.  I also have a little surprise to add.  :) entries is not a very successful giveaway, but that's okay.  I need to do some posts about my two most favorite things.  My babies...

...stay tuned.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My 1st Giveaway - Cute Girl Outfit

In honor of Thanksgiving, I'm putting up my 1st giveaway.  I'm SO thankful for my daughter that made me a Mommy 3 years ago!  Now we get to celebrate my son's 1st Thanksgiving.  We are so blessed! :)

I love shopping at Target.  
This is such a cute girls pants/shirt outfit.  
Win this Outfit - Size 12M

To Enter This Giveaway:

  • Mandatory - Follow this blog publicly through Google Friend and comment where your favorite place to shop for kids clothes is.

    For additional entries you may do any (or all) of the following. Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

    • Blog about this giveaway. Leave the direct link in the comment with the URL (2 entries)
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      This giveaway will end on December 5, 2010 at midnight.  EST

      You must live in the United States to enter. The winner will be picked via and will have 48 hours to respond to the email or I will be forced to choose another winner.

      Make sure you leave an email address in the comments if your email is not posted in your profile. 

      Wednesday, November 24, 2010

      Sending our love with Shutterfly

      It is that time of year again.  It's time to pick out our Christmas card.  It usually starts with me looking up different designs.  My husband saying he doesn't care which design I pick.  I pick out a design that I like just to find out that my husband does care.  I think what he means is he has preferences, but it doesn't matter which one I pick as long as it matches the style he likes.  He prefers the more religious cards and definitely no "seasons greetings"or "happy holiday."  It must be "Merry Christmas."  I'm happy with these styles as well, so it's all good. :)

      We used to just pick out a store card and mail them, but since our daughter was born we prefer the picture cards.  We like to show her off. :)  We now have a new one to show off.

      We've designed our own card before, but it is much easier to pick a pre-designed card.  Their designs are better than mine anyway.  The prices aren't much more either!  Shutterfly has tons of designs to choose.

      Here is one of my favorites.  :)

      I love this one

      This is closer to our style though
      This is my new favorite!!  I love it.
      I think I found the one I want to use this year.  I love the last of my three favorites.  It is a picture card, but is also a folded card too!  Now I just get to see if the husband likes it just as much as I do. :)

      Make sure you check out Shutterfly for many other designs and check out how you can get  50 FREE cards.

      Medela Pump In Style - Review

      My Life Saver!
      When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2007, I decided to "try" breastfeeding.  15 months later we were still going.  I went back to work when she was 3 months old, so I had to pump at work.  I used a pump (evenflo brand) that my friend bought and never used, but it died on me before I even went back to work.  I knew I needed a good pump to keep breastfeeding, so I bought the Medela Pump in Style.  It has been awesome.  I know that it has more than paid for itself several times.  I have never bought a can of formula.

      My son is now 6 months old and is still nursing with the help of the breastpump.  I have very limited time at work to pump so having an efficient double pump is very important.  Even using just one side is efficient at expressing milk.  I love how everything I need (plus more) fits nice and neat in the bag.  My bag has one shoulder strap.  If I want to I can leave the motor at school/work and take the bag home making it lighter.  I could leave the whole thing and just take out the ice bag/ cooler. The two phase technology is great.  It helps me with my let down and get me "ready" for the pumping.  I rarely need it to run it's full cycle and start the actual pumping as soon as I have a let down.

      This pump has been used at least 2X (sometimes 3) a day 5 days a week for (cumulative) 10 months.  These are just the months while at work, but it has been used many times at home also.  I've owned it for 3 years now.  It is very durable since I take it back and forth every day.  My son uses the Medela bottles so it is SO easy to pump and not have to transfer unless I'm freezing it then I use a bag to save my bottles for pumping and feeding.  I've used my pump in my office at work (elementary school), in my car (not while driving), in my husband's car while on the move (he was driving), and at home.  I even took it with me to Jury Duty!

      Medela has wonderful customer service.  I had a manual pump that I got from the hospital and one of the main pieces was cracked.  They replaced it with no problems.

      I do recommend a hands free pumping bra.  I can't remember the exact brand that I have though.  I'll have to check on that later.

      Medela Website

      Monday, November 22, 2010

      Aden + Anais Muslin Blankets Review

      A friend who loves to swaddle recommended these blankets and I decided to buy them for my little guy.  They are $45 for a pack of four, but I was able to find them on sale for $40 and got free shipping since I got some other things and met the 'free shipping' price.  It seems expensive (I'm really cheap), but totally worth it.  The are huge and they are the only blanket that I can use here in FL that doesn't cause my little guy to sweat like crazy.  My mother-in-law watches my 2 children while I work and she calls them the "good blankets."

      I have used them for swaddling, as a blanket, floor cover to play on, a breastfeeding cover, and a cover for me. :)  They are so lightweight and breathable.  My son loves to have a blanket on him to go to sleep.

      They are definitely worth the price I paid $10 each blanket.  I don't swaddle him completely anymore because he likes to have his arms out, but I 'swaddle' under his arms and he loves it.

      I did have one rip on me.  It ripped as I was wrapping it around my little guy.  I don't know if it had a snag and just the tug to wrap it around was enough to rip or if it was a defective one.  I emailed Aden + Anais and they said they'd replace it.  They sent me a brand new box of four!  Wonderful customer service.  Now I'm thinking of getting their sleeps sacks.

      Home For The Holidays: Fisher Price iXL Review and Giveaway

      I found this awesome blog with a giveaway for a Fisher Price iXL.

      Check it out HERE

      Thursday, October 28, 2010

      PRIMO EuroBath Review

      I LOVE this tub.  We bought it in 2007 before my daughter was born.  She used it for well over a year and we are now using it again for our son who was born in May.

      My Daughter's 1st Bath.  I added the foam, but it didn't really need it.  I just felt better as a new mom with a newborn.
      9 Months

      1 years old!

      Both of my kids have always (and still do) LOVED this tub.  They both kicked and splashed and really enjoyed the water.  We have video after video of them smiling and laughing as they enjoyed the tub.  The groove holds them very securely, so that they could play and I do not have to hold them all the time.  I don't have to worry about them slipping in the water while I wash them and let them play.  Of course I always sit right by them just in case.  As my daughter got older and was able to sit up on her own we still used this tub.  I love that it uses less water than the whole tub and it kept her more secure.  I didn't have to worry about her slipping over and bumping her head on the ceramic tub.

      My 3yr old and 4 month old.

      It is a very large tub so it does require a lot of storage space, but I felt it was worth it.  Just for fun I decided to see how my new son and daughter would fit in it.  Obviously it is a bit cramped, but they both fit.  He kicks too much while having fun for the 3 year old to really enjoy bathing this way.

      This is the BEST bath if you have the space.

      The only cons are the size and the drain.  I pulled the drain to turn the opening around and I broke the seal.  It had a small dripping leak, but my husband fixed it by adding a little caulk around it.

      Find it here or at other baby retailers (Toysrus, Baby Depot, etc)

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