Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chili's Holiday Deals

We love to eat out.  I know we (my husband helps cook too...I know I'm a lucky woman) should cook more at home, but by the time we both get home after teaching all day we are both exhausted.  We end up eating a lot of easy to cook frozen meals and such.

When we do go out we have a 3 year old that doesn't always sit still, never sits quietly, and rarely eats much of her food.  Then we have our 6 month old that has recently found is "I'm not happy" voice.  My little man is getting to where he needs a short evening nap to help him make it to bed time, so he gets a bit fussy right about the time we would go out.  Needless to say, we end up rushing through dinner (as much as the server will allow us).  With prices going up everywhere it almost doesn't feel worth it to got out.

I just found that Chili's is having daily holiday specials.  I wish I had known this earlier...we might have gone out there last night instead!

Check out the deals here.

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