Sunday, July 10, 2016

Baby preferred drool pads and bib review.

I received this product for free and this is my honest review of the product. My opinions are unbiased and my own.

I received these drool pads and bib to try out. They are designed to fit the Ergo 360, but can work with other carriers.  I have a Twingo and an Infantimo Mei Tei. Neither of them are forward facing carriers, so the bib isn't quite as needed. These do the drool pads do fit the Twingo when using it as a single carrier.  I can't use it as a double yet because my guys are too small. They fit even better on the Mei Tai.  I put the bib on where the hood snaps on it and worked fine. They don't fit quite well on the Twingo when it's used as a double because there are snaps for the 2nd carrier. They do go on, but they cover the snaps (this could be a good thing) and it's a tight fit. Guaranteed they aren't meant for the Twingo.

Here they are on a Twingo (single carry).  Babies were asleep so Alyssa the cabage patch came to help.

We are definitely at the stage of needing drool pads. Both boys are chewing and drooling on everything. The minute they are out in a carrier they start chewing on the straps. The drool pads help keep the carrier dry (they are expensive!) and clean. It's much easier to throw the pads and bib in the wash instead of the entire carrier.

I highly recommend them if you have an Ergo 360.  I recommend the drool pads if you have other carriers as well.

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