Monday, November 22, 2010

Aden + Anais Muslin Blankets Review

A friend who loves to swaddle recommended these blankets and I decided to buy them for my little guy.  They are $45 for a pack of four, but I was able to find them on sale for $40 and got free shipping since I got some other things and met the 'free shipping' price.  It seems expensive (I'm really cheap), but totally worth it.  The are huge and they are the only blanket that I can use here in FL that doesn't cause my little guy to sweat like crazy.  My mother-in-law watches my 2 children while I work and she calls them the "good blankets."

I have used them for swaddling, as a blanket, floor cover to play on, a breastfeeding cover, and a cover for me. :)  They are so lightweight and breathable.  My son loves to have a blanket on him to go to sleep.

They are definitely worth the price I paid $10 each blanket.  I don't swaddle him completely anymore because he likes to have his arms out, but I 'swaddle' under his arms and he loves it.

I did have one rip on me.  It ripped as I was wrapping it around my little guy.  I don't know if it had a snag and just the tug to wrap it around was enough to rip or if it was a defective one.  I emailed Aden + Anais and they said they'd replace it.  They sent me a brand new box of four!  Wonderful customer service.  Now I'm thinking of getting their sleeps sacks.

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