Sunday, November 13, 2011

Public Changing Tables

I'm not a fan of public changing table.  Every time I have to use one to change my babies' diaper I just imagine all the germs on it.  Even with something (changing pad, disposable changing covers, paper towels) on it I still worry about the cleanliness of them.  Placement is my other issue.  I do like some privacy when changing my children, so I tend to like the ones inside the handicap stalls the best.  There are SO many places that just stick the thing wherever and don't seem to consider the Mom trying to change.
I ran into this one the other day.  Really?

With both stall doors closed there is no space at all.  It blocks two stalls.  When I went in to use it both stalls were occupied.  I stood there waiting for them to finish, so that they wouldn't run right into me (literally) changing my boy.  There is about a 6-8 inch clearance from the table to the stall door.  I couldn't comfortably fit where I could change him from the side (with the diaper bag and space to maneuver and had to change him from the bottom.  What's worse is just to the end of it (you can see it to the right) is a mirror.  While I was changing him there was a lady using the mirror looking right towards his bottom.  Nice.  I would have changed him outside in the car, but remembered that we had driven my little car and there really is nowhere to change him except the trunk which had a stroller in it.

I definitely prefer the private changing tables though.  One time I was changing Bubby and he had made a HUGE mess.  I was standing there trying to juggle everything (you Moms know what I mean) and get him cleaned fast as I could without making a bigger mess which was near impossible.  I nice woman came over to admire how beautiful my daughter was.  She kept going on and on about how pretty "she" was.  At least she was keeping her eyes to his face otherwise she would have known better.  She kept going on and on.  I prefer not to make small talk when I have poo on my hands.  Just a personal choice.  I remember telling her that he had just turned one and she commented again on how cute "she" is.  Grr...

...leave me alone while I'm changing my child.  As soon as I'm done and we are all cleaned up, feel free to talk to me.  I'll be more cheerful then.

Also, why would they not put changing tables in men's restrooms?  Some do, but I know there a many that don't.  Are men not supposed to change diapers?  Do they assume men don't ever change diapers?  Am I one of the few lucky Mama's that has a diaper changing husband/daddy?

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