Sunday, October 30, 2011

Toysrus Big Toy book

The Great Big Toys R Us Book

We got our Big Toy book earlier this week and they hit the papers today!

Sissy and I looked through and and suprisingly she didn't want everything in the book. lol  She did say she "really" wants the Barbie Power wheel.  The $270 one!  I don't think Mommy or Santa will be able to get that.  Her friend has one and she loves driving Bubby in it.  He loves it too.  Maybe we can look for a used gender neutral 2 seater one they can share. lol 

We are already looking into getting Bubby a tryicycle.  I'm thinking we may just need to stick to self proppelled cars/bikes rather than motorized.  :P  I have lots of things in mind to get my kids for I just need to narrow it down to what we are and can get them. 

Did I mention I met my husband at ToysRus?   

If you didn't get one in the mail or in the paper you can view it on facebook here.

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