Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Super Mom T-shirt - Halloween

My kids are going to be superboy and supergirl (the pink one of course) for Halloween, so I decided I need a SuperMom t-shirt to wear with them.  I found some online, but didn't really like any of them or the $20+ price (not including s/h).  So...I decided to make my own.  I found a pink t-shirt clearanced for about $4 at Walmart.  I created my logo in photoshop.  I bought some iron on transfer sheets which did not work.  They got stuck in the printer everytime (I'll be taking those back soon), but thankfully, I found an Avery transfer sheet left over from another project I had done.   

I wanted something subtle and I knew the pink would be very close to the shirt color, but was hopeful anyway.  I wasn't sure that the word MOM would show in the pink, so I outlined it and made the text white.

I like it.  It's subtle like I wanted and for $4 it will be great.

Not the best pictures, but it works.  I'm happy with it and it was easy. :)


Leila said...

Being a mommy of 2 kids needs no shirt- it is known that we are super mommies! =0)

I am a new follower from gotomommy.blogspot.com and forget-u-knot.blogspot.com! =0)

Jennifer said...

Haha. So true!!

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