Saturday, October 8, 2011

Skidders Shoes

I bought two pairs of skidders shoes for my son several months ago from Target (online).  They were buy 1 get 1 50% off. He was just starting to get around better walking and I wanted something flexible that would not make it harder for him.  They were perfect.  He loves them too.  They are the only shoe/sock that he will leave on for extended periods of time.  It's so easy to just grab them and not need a pair of socks too.  They are so easy to slip on and it's not a struggle to get his foot in right like some other shoes.  He's worn them everywhere (outside to play in the yard, sandbox, the park, inside, etc).  Many people have said they double as water shoes.  We havn't used them in full water yet, but I would trust them since the skid protection on the bottom is awesome.  We have these cute dinosaur ones and the fireman shoes.

I've been meaning to go back and get another pair since his are getting small.  We went to Target tonight and found them on a little end cap, but there weren't very many.  I was thankful to find his size and didn't even look at the price...this is how much I love them.  I remember they were about $12 when I bought them online, so that was fine.  We bought these.

 I checked my receipt after I bought thme and they were clearanced to $3.24!  I love them even more now. :)  I think I will be going back soon (maybe to the other Target) to see if they have any more.  I really hope they aren't discontinuing them. :\

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