Monday, April 8, 2013

The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep Book Review

I've heard many great things about the Happiest Baby on the Block and Happiest Toddler on the Block  books by Dr. Harvey Karp.  I can't even count how many times I've seen it recommended by other Moms on various social networks and groups as I searched for solutions with my own children.

I was very excited to hear about his newest book The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep Book. 

There are so many people that have advice for new Moms.  My advice is to listen to everyone's advice with a grain of salt.  At least that's how I felt.  I've read through most of Dr. Karp's book "The Happiest Baby guide to Great Sleep" and, finally, someone I agree with.  

When I was a new Mom, I would get so frustrated when SO many people would tell me I was spoiling my baby because I was holding her too much.  I was told I needed to let her cry more or she would never learn to sleep on her own.  I'm not talking an older baby.  I mean 2 months or younger.  Letting her cry and not holding her just did not seem natural to me at all.  I didn't feel that it was possible to spoil a young infant and I still don't.  Dr. Karp says this in his book!  I agree with him that eventually babies and children will cry to manipulate, but not at that early age.

Both of my children are completely different types of sleepers.  My daughter was not and still is not a great sleeper.  I had to beg the babysitter to do anything she could to get her to sleep during the day, so that she wasn't a monster at night.  We had many, many frustrating nights.  She is now 5 years old and she still takes a long time to wind down and get to sleep.  We have our bedtime routine and then she reads books, up to an hour, before she is ready to sleep.  My son is 2 years old and has always been a better sleeper.  We do our bedtime routine and, for the most part, he goes to sleep within 10 minutes.  I worried that he was sleeping too long and too much to get the proper nutrition.  We still had many sleepless nights, but overall he's just a better sleeper.

  I didn't let either of them "cry it out."  I'm not saying they never were left to cry, but we (mostly me) just couldn't not let them cry for hours until they fell asleep.  We still don't.  I treated them both the same.  As young infants I held them a lot and helped them to sleep.  It didn't change the type of sleeper they are.  I feel a lot of their sleep patterns are apart of their personalities even very early on. 
Sissy only a week old. 
 Dr. Karp discusses some great strategies that work with all types of personalities from infants to 5 years old. I had already used some of his strategies with my children, but I've learned what seems to be everything there is to know about sleeping and children.  

Do your children have sleep issues?  Are your children keeping you from getting your much needed sleep to function each day?  I know I'm a grump when my sleep is interrupted. 

If you need some help in the sleep children check out Dr. Harvey Karp's new book THE HAPPIEST BABY GUIDE TO GREAT SLEEP: Simple Solutions for Kids from Birth to 5 Years (William Morrow Paperback; On-Sale: March 19, 2013; $15.99; ISBN: 9780062113320), Dr. Karp stuns the world again by solving the #1 problem plaguing new parents: exhaustion. Dr. Karp's surprising insights include:

  • Train infants - 5 year olds how to sleep better.
  • Using and choosing white noise to help your infant and toddler sleep
  • Teach a child to self soothe
  • Swaddling safely to help infants sleep.
  • Powering down technique for toddlers.
  • Easy "no-cry" tips that end infant and toddler bedtime struggles in just days!

    With THE HAPPIEST BABY GUIDE TO GREAT SLEEP, no longer will new parent have to suffer months of sleep deprivation and no longer will babies have to cry themselves to sleep. Backed by compelling science, common sense and decades of experience, Dr. Karp’s landmark guide will revolutionize how millions of children drift off to dreamland.
  "I received this book from Harper Collins for the purposes of reviewing it. I have not received compensation. My participation in the campaign enters me into a drawing for a gift card. All opinions stated are my own.”


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