Wednesday, April 17, 2013

State Testing - Proctoring

My husband wrote this poem after proctoring the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) at the high school he worked at.  If you've ever proctored a test, you'll be able to relate.

This has been my week.....

Proctoring the FCAT is surely quite a chore,
Walking in circles is certainly a bore.
There’s nothing here to look at it – it’s really all the same,
I really, really wish I could remember this kid’s name.

I wanted to bring headphones and listen to a tune,
Having a distraction would be a wonderful boon,
Instead it must be quiet, there cannot be a peep,
And into my mind a little madness soon will creep.

I used to have a poster to read, to skim or at least scan,
But now they’ve all been covered according to some ban,
As if a picture of Garfield would really help some kid,
And so, just in case, it really must be hid.

Perhaps a little book to read, surely that’s not bad,
Haven’t we been preaching that reading’s really rad?
But no, I cannot read, I must continue to pace,
Walking in this tiresome, routine little race.

I’ve tried to picture a wonderful seascape,
A happy place in which my sanity might escape,
It’s hard to stay within one’s mind,
Without diversion of any kind.

My feet are put down, one in front of next,
This total silence really has gotten me quite vexed.
I’d rip my right arm off for a little TV break,
Too much of this routine I really cannot take.

I look at the clock, pleading for a second chance,
A way, perhaps, to get around this tired little dance.
I’m sad to see it’s only just a little half past ten,
It’s time to start the next part and do this all again.

It wouldn’t be so bad if there were anything to do,
Something really different for my eyes to take a view,
I’d look at a student’s test booklet to occupy my time,
Except we were trained that that’s another crime.

It’s dull, it’s boring, and it’s driving me insane!
I never thought, within my life, I’d ever feel this pain.
This is America, and I have the right of happiness,
So why am I stuck in the middle of this mess?

I went to college and I passed,
I thought I was free at last,
But now, years later, I’m still testing and waiting for the bell,
Who thought I’d have to do this – can someone please do tell?

Aha! The bell has rung, and this day of torture has passed,
It seems, today, that this test of will I have surpassed.
I’m relieved, and delighted, to no longer have this sorrow….


…oh no…

I must do this again tomorrow.

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