Friday, March 16, 2012

Wholesale Halloween Costumes - Review

I have many great childhood memories of Halloween. Halloween was such a fun tradition for our family.  My Mom and Step-Dad planned out costumes months and months ahead of time.  They almost always made their own costumes.  I remember watching them make costumes that included the Simpsons, Star Trek, Old Lady in a Shoe (complete with a huge shoe with wheels that Mom could stand in and push around with all of our pictures on the outside "looking" out of the windows), Flintstones, and even California Raisins.  Our costumes were always great too!  Unfortunately, I didn't exactly inherit the creativeness and sewing abilities from my Mom.  

Thankfully, there places like Wholesale Halloween Costumes where I can search through tons of different costumes available while sitting at home.  Plus I can find what I need year round.  As a Music teacher, I sometimes need costumes for programs and plays throughout the year and not just for Halloween. 

My all time favorite costume for Halloween was the Goldilocks costume my daughter wore.  She was two years old.
Her all time favorite costume (so far) was her pink Supergirl costume.  It was actually perfect that she picked this because Bubby hates anything on his head (hats, towels, jacket hoods, etc) and he was Superman/boy.

I was looking through some infant/toddler costumes and I found this adorable Wiggle Worm Bunting Infant Costume.  
Forget waiting for Halloween!  This is great for a photoshoot.  My friend's little girl was the perfect model.  She might have gotten a little too comfy because she fell asleep not long after we put it on her.  She's 2 months old and the costume is 3-6mos.  

She looks like she should be in a Dr. Seuss book!
If you are in the market for baby and toddler costumes, check out Wholesale Halloween Costumes.  They have costumes for everyone in the family young and..."advanced" and for every occasion or Holiday.  They have a great selection.  You could spend hours (I already did) looking through all of their costumes.  Wholesale prices, flat rate shipping, and only $1 to upgrade to expedited shipping.  This is my kind of store. :) 
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Don't pay full retail on these costumes or this may be you in the Fall.
I still think she's a cutie even when mad or sad.

I was not compensated for this review.  I did receive the Wiggle Worm Bunting Costume to review.  All other costumes were previously purchased by me.  All opinions are my own.

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