Saturday, March 24, 2012


It seems like my family has been sick forever!  We've had the stomach bug (twice actually one bad, one horrible), we've had colds, allergies, etc on an off since I don't even remember when.  We are in the middle of a nasty cold bug with a lingering cough.  It just makes things much more difficult with work and keeping up with everything.  Sick kids have a hard time sleeping.  I'm looking forward to some healthy months ahead (fingers crossed).  I think Bubby is starting to get over it and hopefully Sissy's won't last as long.  We even had flu shots hoping to avoid some if the sickness going around.  My kids aren't even in daycare. :P  That doesn't really matter much though because I know I bring home a lot of the germs from school and so does my husband.

We are definitely sick of being sick.

I hope all of you are healthy.  Do you have any great home remedy for cold symptoms (mostly runny nose and cough)?   Cold/Flu season is almost over right?!  Soon... :)


Jennifer K. said...

We had that cough/cold stuff too. I was laid up in bed for two days with it and I hardly ever get sick enough to actually stay in bed!

Unfortunately it seems to hang around for a while, it seems like we were all coughing for at least 2 weeks. We just drank lots of tea with honey, used the bathroom as a makeshift steam room and tried to keep the house as humid as possible.

I am actually surprised that we don't get sick more often, considering all the bugs I know I must bring home from school! I hope you all feel better soon, and stay healthy for a good long while!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Jennifer Jean said...

We did the bathroom steam room too. My son is still coughing and it's been almost two weeks. We had just taken him to the Dr. and was told it was seasonal allergies and then the nasty cold hit. He's been sick for almost a month, but the first couple weeks were allergies. Now, I'm trying to figure out how much is left over cold and what's allergies.

The cough just doesn't want to go away with any of us (well...I've been lucky so far...mine isn't so bad).

I hope we are all done with sickness now (you too!). Come on Summer!! :)

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