Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Did you celebrate in any way this year? We don't usually celebrate any more than wearing green, but this year we did a couple things.

The kids had green cereal. I let Sissy pick cereal, eggs, or pancakes.

We all wore green and went out to dinner. Thankfully, before the big crowds hit.

I made a giant cupcake. It was going to be rainbow colors, but I had a sad boy hanging on my legs. It is funfetti instead...which technically has rainbow pieces. Right?

Notice the finger mark through the frosting? That is compliments of Sissy and she said "it still looks beautiful Mommy.". Stinker.

Bubby LOVED it. Sissy did too, but she almost didn't get a piece. She was naughty today (not just sneaking the frosting). :/

I hope you had a good day!

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