Saturday, December 3, 2011

Late night shopping...

I took the kids to the mall for dinner and then browsed around ToysRus to check out potential Christmas gifts.  It was SO busy and crazy at both places.  I went back out just a little bit ago by myself around 10pm.  It was SO nice and quiet.  No kids to buckle in and out of the car or to tell no to.  The employees were much more cheerful and able to help.  I worked there back in the day, so I know what it's like when it's busy.  I remember having a line of people waiting to ask me a question.  The entire line would follow me as I showed "guests" where items were and answered questions.  It's crazy.  I talked to an old coworker that was always a pleasure to work with.

I got my kids their big Christmas items at great prices and saved over $140 (almost 50% of the total bill).  Of course, I wouldn't have bought some of the items at full price anyway and one of them was a free box of Huggies diapers ($41) after buying 9 on the rewards program.  I had to buy more than I needed right now in order to qualify for the free one in the alloted time, but I don't have to buy diapers for a while. :) 

It was nice to see the savings though and I feel much more prepared for Christmas!  My children are a bit spoiled though. :P

I heard they have a huge book coming out tomorrow.  It's like the original big book, but a different one with sales for the week.  I don't know how the keep track of their sales with 2-4 ads going at the same time.  Crazy!  Not to mention the headaches of Layaway.  I'm glad I don't work there anymore. :)  I think I'll stick with teaching.  I know I have a crazy two weeks coming up, but after that I can enjoy my Christmas.

How has your shopping changed since you've had children?  Do you have an awesome idea that you use to keep your kids occupied and happy while shopping? 

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