Sunday, December 1, 2019

Crayola Experience Fun in Orlando!

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We took the kids to Crayola Experience to see the holiday activities available and they LOVED it.  The two split off from the younger two most of the time because they work at different paces.  There were so many different activities that it was great for the 3yr olds and the 9 and 12yr old.
It was a little bright out!  Gotta love the FL sun.

The boys enjoyed this light show and music.

This was neat.  They are pens that have melted crayon wax.  You "paint" with the wax on your chosen sheet.
Crayon molds are always a favorite!

This was new. Scribble Scrubbies.  Everyone got a little animal and you can color and decorate it how you like.  Then you rinse it and start over whenever you want.  They loved them.  The boys rinsed theirs off right away.  Sissy decided she liked to keep her design the way it was.

These boys love scissors!

Modeling Clay Fun!
As you can probably tell by the pictures, they had a blast.  The older two spent more time making molds and naming their own crayons.  The little two played with the model magic for awhile.  We spent quite a few tokens buying little packs of model magic. My older two were a little disappointed the Adventure lab no longer had tablets to run through the challenges.  The challenges are still there, but you do them as you please without a tablet to tell you where to go.  With all the activities and the play area you could spend hours in there. 

I love that they change the activities up so they aren't the same each time.  The kids loved the holiday themes this year. 

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