Sunday, June 24, 2018

Fiber Optic LED Light up Shoes Review

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I got these shoes from Amazon for my daughter as a gift. They are pretty cool.  They do run a little big so keep that in mind if you get them. She is still growing though and they do go on so she isn't complaining.   I'm 2.5 sizes bigger in shoes than her and I can squeeze my big feet in them. They are too small for me, but they have some stretch and actually felt pretty comfortable even being too small.

My kids LOVE them.  ALL of them. The on/off switch is on the back behind the heal.  There are several colors and even flashing.  Each shoes can be set however you want.  As a teacher, I hate light up shoes because I'm always telling kids to turn their shoes off which is something I never imagined. I will say these are pretty cool.  I probably won't let my daughter wear them to school though unless it is wacky day or something fun like that, but she loves wearing them everywhere else.

Check out these awesome shoes at Amazon.  Prices vary based on size etc. They come in kids sizes to adult and also in different colors (black, pink, and white).

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