Sunday, August 27, 2017

Custom Twin Shirt Giveaway!

I'll admit I never wanted twins.  It just seemed too overwhelming.  It was wished on me more than once and every time I said "No way!"  I'm the one that felt guilty when I told a mom that maybe she was pregnant with "one of each" because her son and daughter wanted a boy and a girl.  She ended up with twin boys.  Twins are not easy, but I'm glad I have my sweet twin boys.  Well they aren't always sweet, but twins are a whole new experience that you just don't quite get with singletons. It's double the crazy and double the love.  Now, I wish twins on everyone!  :)

I've loved seeing twin shirts and decided to make my own. I'm still new at making them and don't sell them, but thought I'd giveaway a set to another twin mom.  I have a navy blue 2t shirt set or a red 3t shirt set available to giveaway.  I'm willing to negotiate the shirt size etc and design, but they will take a little longer to ship.  I can also change the design a bit.  Ie Pink dinosaurs for girls.  I may be open to a new design as well.

Enter Below.  Giveaway ends 9/4

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