Monday, August 15, 2016

Monkey Mat Review - As seen on Shark Tank

Monkey Mat was provided for review. All opinions are my own. 

I recently received a Monkey Mat to try out. The first thing I noticed was how small it folded up. I like how it all zips into it's own pouch nice and small. No separate pouch to lose. It also has a carrying strap you can attach to any diaper bag, stroller, etc. 

It's moisture resistant,  but I don't think it would keep moisture out from really wet grounds.  It's a really thin nylon that's a little slick.  This is why it folds so well and small. You can buy stakes to keep it in place outdoors. 

I originally bought it to put on our living room carpet inside our twins' new playpen. They are still in the spit up stage, but like to roll all over to play.  I need something on the floor that's easy to wash when they spit up everywhere.  It opens up to 5' by 5' so it wasn't quite bug enough for what I wanted. It's really not big enough for our family of 6. I'd need at least 2 of them. The loops for the stakes do help secure it under our playpen (around the suction cups).  I may try it again with the playpen for when they can push it and see if the loops keep the playpen in one place. 

Overall it's nice. The compact fold is the best part.   It's lightweight and fits easily in a diaper bag, purse, pocket,  etc. It will always be easier than dragging a big oversized blanket.

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