Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cozi Tot baby sling review

I've been MIA for a bit. I needed a break from social media etc.

I'm back and have doubled our number of children. We now have twin boys. They are two months old. I've been looking into baby wearing because well there's two and it seems necessary. One little guy hates his car seat and the car.

I recently received the cozi tot baby sling to review. It isn't a sling,  but is a mei tai style carrier. I'm not very good at baby wearing yet and getting straps and things right somehow look so easy yet seem complicated to get just right.

This carrier had an odd smell out of the bag,  but smells better after washing. The pictures on Amazon show babies facing outward but as far as I know it's meant to face inward on front or back. The instructions have pictures. I still got confused and looked at YouTube videos to show how to do different mei tai wraps.   These make more sense. It's just easier to see it live.  I tried an infant carry with his legs in.   My first try with cozi tot instructions we did legs out.

My little guy seemed content once he was in. I'm sure I have some adjusting to do. I wore it around the house. It helped calm him down during his fussiest time of day.

The straps felt comfortable.  There was no digging. In doing some research,  many say the stitching should be a certain stitch to make these carriers safe which I don't see on this one. I don't know that I'd trust this as a back carrier,  but I'm scared to back carry right now anyway.

This is a cheap and easy carrier to start baby wearing with.

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