Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reading Eggs - Reading Eggspress

Disclosure - We were provided a free trial offer to review Reading Eggs

We did a review on reading eggs before here, but this time we focused on the Reading Eggspress for older children.  My daughter is a great reader in KG, so she could read and do the Reading Eggspress game/program that is mostly for 2nd grade and up. 

She did pretty well, but did need me close by to help for somethings.  Considering she is in Kindergarten, she was doing amazing.  I really liked how much was included in Reading Eggspress.  The kids earn golden eggs for every question answered correctly.  With the golden eggs you can purchase items and pets for your apartment.  I also love how the child is assessed before starting that way they know what level to start on.

I'll give you a quick overview of some of the games and lessons that are in reading express.

The Gym

 The gym is where they take reading quizzes.  Some things are simpler like this puzzle/quiz.   I love how it teaches her how to look up words in the dictionary.  It teaches alphabetical order, definitions, and parts of speech.
It also gives parts of a book or story and asks questions about each paragraph.  It really does look for reading comprehension.  This is perfect for elementary grade students!

The Library
There is also a library you can go to and read whatever books they have available.  At the end of the book there is an option to take a quiz.  Right questions on the quiz earn more golden eggs.

The Mall
My daughter's favorite place when she has eggs to spend.  She loves looking through all of the items available trying to decided what to buy for her apartment.

The Stadium

 The stadium is a place where you can play games.  This particular one is a spelling sprint.  You have to answer the questions correctly to beat the computer or a another person.  There's even a level that you find the word spelled wrong and you get extra time for spelling it correctly.  This game is a bit difficult for my daughter, but she can change the level to an easier level if needed.

The Apartment
My daughter's next favorite place.  As you can see, she likes buying pets.  She even bought her brother a bed to put in her apartment.  She loves checking on her animals!
My daughter loves this game and I love that she's learning when she is playing.  I know that she started Kindergarten ahead of most students.  I love that she can use this game to get reading enrichment and build on her knowledge.  I highly recommend for kids that love reading, kids that struggle with reading, and kids that love games (who doesn't?).

Readers can still enjoy a 2 week free tiral!  No Credit card required!  

Learn to read online. Free TWO Weeks to @ReadingEggs! No Credit Card Required! http://ow.ly/olYYS @usfg

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