Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bad luck/timing

We have been counting down the days to spring break for over month now. My Mom got a place near Myrtle Beach for most of the week. She graciously invited us to vacation with her, my step dad, and nephew.

The Tuesday before Spring break when I picked up my kids at daycare/preschool Bubby's old teacher (1/2yr old) told me she had a bad day because her kids were getting sick. The next day there were notices for all the families stating they had a rotavirus outbreak. We just had to get through the week and we were off SC. When I picked the kids up one of the employees told me that it had been crazy because of the virus. She said it was mostly the 1/2 year old class. Bubby is in the 2/3 year old class and Sissy is in pre-k there.

As we were leaving I stopped to ask Bubby's teacher if he was good. She said "Oh he wasn't with me today. They put him in the 1/2 year old class because they were short in numbers."

What?! So the class had an"extreme outbreak" and kids are out sick (vomiting and diarrhea) so they put my kid in the class.

I didn't say anything because we were heading out the door and it mostly registered when I was driving away. I did see that they had taken all the toys out and were sterilizing them. I tried to let it go because they were trying to keep it from spreading.

At 2am Friday morning, the day before we were supposed to drive 8+hours, Sissy wakes up throwing up. Ironically, Bubby seemed fine... until the next night. He was up with diarrhea the following night. We spent all day Saturday (yesterday) recovering instead of driving. Both kids seemed much better by evening. We figured everyone was on the mend and loaded up the car and got ready for an early morning departure. 5am Bubby wakes up and throws up. Ugh. I thought we were almost done with this.

So we sit here figuring our vacation plans are probably ruined. I'm trying not to be mad at the daycare. There's no guarantee the kids wouldn't have gotten sick anyway.

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