Friday, November 30, 2012

TriCalm anti-itch gel Review and Giveaway

 It's winter time and I always get itchy legs because of the dry air.  I'm used to lots of humidity that we get in Florida that when the air dries out a bit, I'm not used to it.  I tried Tricalm for my itchy legs and it seemed to help relieve the itch.  It is very light and a bit watery, but I liked that.  It was not thick or sticky.  I can't stand anything that leaves a residue including lotions that are supposed to help with dryness.

My boys (my 2 yr old and my husband) tend to get a lot of mosquito bites.  They both swell up a bit more, so I'll be keeping this on hand for one they need it.

TriCalm Uses


Winter Skin
Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac
Mosquito & Other Insect Bites
Sunburn  (Definitely useful here in Florida)

Medical Conditions

Athlete's Foot (Fungal Infections)

Allergic Reactions

Contact Dermatitis
Nickel (Jewelry) Allergy
About TriCalm
TriCalm offers powerful relief from itching, burning and stinging caused by rashes, hives, sunburn, allergic reactions, bug bites, poison ivy and other skin ailments. A steroid-free anti-itch gel, TriCalm works on contact to help alleviate discomfort associated with minor skin irritations.

Just the facts
  • TriCalm’s formula contains COSMEDERM-7, a compound of strontium, a naturally occurring element found in leafy green vegetables.
  • TriCalm is safe to use daily on kids and adults and is FDA-approved.
  • TriCalm is non-numbing, and works on contact to provide rapid itch relief from bug bites, rashes,sunburns, poison oak/ivy, and more. It may also help relief dry skin and eczema-related symptoms.
  • TriCalm does not increase sensitivity to UV rays, so its safe to use while spending time in the sun.
  • TriCalm retails for $9.49 for a 2-ounce tube.  Get a Free Sample or purchase it at  Find it at CVS, Walgreens, and Kerr Drug Stores January 2013. 

Two readers will win a tube of TriCalm to try out for yourself!  Enter below to win!  Don't forget you can try a sample out for free at

I was provided a tube of TriCalm through Moms Meet.  They have a webinar with lots of information about TriCalm at

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Haylee Marie Rowe said...

I would really love to win this! I tried a sample of the TRI-CALM, and it was wonderfil!! Thanks for the awesome opportunity to win :)

Nichole Bentley said...

I am definitely going to try the gel! I have eczema and it hasn't responded to any anti-itch creams I have tried. Thank you for offering this giveaway :)

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