Sunday, May 6, 2012

My First Crayola Gift Pack Review and Giveaway

I'm good friends with the art teacher at my school and she LOVES crayola.  With 500+ kids a week using their various products you know it is very well tested.  "I've never used a Crayola product that I did not like" says our Art Teacher after teaching for 12 years.  She actually told me that one year our county tried to take Crayola off the purchase list and all the Art teachers were so unhappy that they quickly changed their mind.  We love Crayola here at home too.  I was looking around at our Art supplies and almost everything is Crayola.  I love the quality and durability as well. 

We were so excited to see and try out the new My First Crayola line! 
My kids were so excited.  They have been asking to do art every day since we got them.

We love it all!  

The stampers, markers, and crayons are cute little animals which Bubby loved before taking of the feet (cap).  He had no problem using any of them.  We did have an incident with the yellow animal crayon.  We have a tall table and Bubby likes to throw things.  The crayon broke off and fell out.  Then I realized there is a button at the top of the crayons that you push and turn the head to bring the crayon down as it gets used up.  We spun it all the way down shoved the crayon back in and wound it back up and it seems to be staying fine now.
Whew...disaster averted.  lol
 They had a blast with the My First Crayola™ Washable Musical Rub-Art Station!  Bubby had a fit when it was time to put it away.  It has two 2-sided designs to rub.    I love the crayon holder and it is perfect for him to use.  It makes rub-art so much easier to use for the 24mos and up (Bubby is 23mos).  I just wish it had a smooth one so that you could find your own things to rub and print (ie leaves).   Below is video of Bubby trying it out for the first time.  He LOVES the sounds...can you tell?  Sissy wants to try too. :)

The My First Crayola™ Washable Dry-Erase Activity Mat is cute too!  It's great for travel.  We took it to Church today and is perfect.  The coloring papers slip into the plastic sleeves and the coloring begins.  It was really easy to wipe off.  Bubby was able to get some of his off on his own if it wasn't too thick.
The Triangle Crayons don't roll (great for our tall table) and help with proper grip!

My house is decorated with artwork from the next two kits!  We left these for Grandma to use while watching them during the day because they are mess-free.  We already have tons of Color Wonder™ products, but now we have some things geared for Bubby's age.

See more My First Crayola products here. You can also follow Crayola on Facebook and Twitter.

There's even a coupon on boxes of Cheerios!
 One lucky reader will win your own My First Crayola™ gift pack:
  • My First Crayola™ Washable Crayons
  • My First Crayola™ Washable Markers
  • My First Crayola™ Washable Stampers
  • My First Crayola™ Washable Dry-Erase Activity Mat
  • One specially marked box of original Cheerios® cereal
“Disclosure:  The information, products, coupon, video and additional My First Crayola™ gift pack was provided by Crayola® and Cheerios through MyBlogSpark.” 
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Brenda S said...

Thank you for the chance! My boys would love this!

tina m said...

my daughter would love this..crayola is great!!!

Across the Avenue said...

I love Crayola! You can't go wrong with it. New to your blog, would be great if we could follow each other! :)

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