Sunday, February 26, 2012

Growing Up...

My baby is growing up too fast.  Last week he figured out how to take the tray off of his high chair, so we moved him to the table with a booster seat.  My little stinker is great at figuring out how to open things!  Last summer we went to the beach and while trying to pack I noticed her grabbed a tube of sunscreen.  It was a small travel size tube that had a twist off top.  I let him play with it because he was happy and it gave me a minute to pack up a couple things plus he was in my sight with it.  The little stinker figured out how to open it and was able to squirt a little sunscreen on the floor before I could grab it. 

Well...last night my normally happy-to-sleep baby toddler decided he didn't want to sleep and threw a fit.  I decided to leave him in his crib for a minute or two before going back in and trying to get him to lay down.  I barely shut the door to his room and took two steps before heard the crash.  He climbed fell out of his crib.  Thankfully, he was okay.  He just had a little bump on his head.  He then got to stay up late while Daddy changed his bed over to a toddler bed.  Stinker.

My daughter didn't climb out of her bed until at least 2.5yrs old.  I knew that she was probably capable, but she never tried until she was big enough to safely climb out and come wake us up in our room.  I don't think she ever pulled the tray off the high chair.  We moved her just because she was getting older and we had already bought the booster seat to use for a vacation.
With him I need to worry more about him getting into things he shouldn't.  I'm really worried he's going to figure out how to open the kitchen cabinet that has our cleaning supplies in it.  I put a child safety latch on it and for now that's enough.  I won't even let him touch the door because I'm afraid my stinker will figure it out if he had a chance. 

Oh and he also figured out how to open doors even though he can barely reach the knob.

Do you have a stinker like I do?  When were your kid able to climb out of a crib?  Can your children open child safety locks?

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