Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best $2.50 ever spent...

I bought this duck hamper from Target over a year ago for $2.50 in their $1(or value) section.  It's just a clothes hamper, but it matches our duck theme in the bathroom.  The best part is the kids love putting their clothes in it!
You see, Mr. Duck gets hungry and he likes to eat clothes.  He says "Yummymm, yumymm" while he eats them.  My 19 mos old LOVES to put his clothes in the hamper.  Earlier today he went in the bathroom, a couple hours before bathtime, and started pulling at his clothes because he wanted to feed Mr. Duck.  We compromised and he got to feed him his socks.

Mr. Duck gets a little excited sometimes and tries to eat Sissy's arm while she's "feeding him," but she loves it.  The best part is Bubby has been "feeding" other hampers with dirty clothes too.  Bonus! :) 

I've seen them more than once at Target.  I recommened them.  If it encourages kids to put their dirty laundry in a hamper, then I'm all for it.

1 comment:

Ai Mei said...

I'll check my Target, don't think I've ever seen one though. I would SO get one, nothing wrong with a 23 year old having one, lol :)

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