Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My artist

I do not have much artistic ability, so I'm always amazed when Sissy draws.  We came home the other day and she showed us a picture she drew of her turtle.

She sure does love her turtle night light, so much that she's drawing pictures of it. :)
This was the perfect night light for Sissy.  She's not a fan of the dark and already had a wall night light, but would still complain.  With her turtle it's right in bed with her.  She does tend to use it to "read" at night, but I can't complain unless she's up way to late.  I love that she has a love for reading and I wouldn't want to do anything to take that away.  So many kids don't like to read.  I love that both my children love books even though they can't officially  read them.

If you have a little one that's not a fan of the dark and has issues going to sleep this may be worth a shot.  You can find it here on  Amazon. 

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