Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pillow Pets + book $10.99

I just decided my kids need a pillow pet and Amazon has two that are perfect for my kids on sale right now.  We should get them just in time with our Prime Shipping.

Look a "Lizard" for Bubby.  He LOVES lizards.  I know it's a Dragon, but he will think a lizard or dinosaur.  It's only $12.67 WITH a book!!

My Pillow Pets Book Engardia And 17" Lavender Unicorn Pillow Pet
A unicorn for Sissy!  This one is only $10.99

I was just looking at them at Walmart and thought about paying full price $19.99 or getting the mini.  My daughter has wanted one for a year because of the wonderful commercials and catch tune. 

*****Spoiler Alert****  If you are reading Jason then stop here.  I don't think he does.

 I figured I would wait on getting one, but when I was at Walmart I saw this clearance for $10

It's a USF Bulls Pillow pet.  My husand just graduated with his Master's from USF and he also got his Undergrad from there.  I couldn't get Daddy a pillow put and not Sissy.  I almost bought a 2nd one for my sister who also graduated from USF 2 weeks ago.

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