Monday, November 19, 2012

Pinypon Review and Party!!

My daughter was so excited to receive these Pinypon toys in the mail.  I had never heard of them before, but we are definitely a fan now.  We hosted a Pinypon Party and shared these toys with lots of other girls ages 4-7.

We let Sissy test them out before the party and she absolutely loves the caravan.  The caravan opens up to this...
My daughter has already spent hours playing with it.  I'm not a fan of all the tiny pieces that come with it for the picnic table, but she loves them and all the pieces fit in little drawers or cabinets inside the van.  There are accessory pieces that are used to decorate the van and the girls (see the flower on the fridge...that one of them) and the girls.  The shower head works and has a little button to pump the water.  My only complaint is our purple shutter on our van keeps coming off and that's the piece that is the "leg" of the shower.  Overall, it is a very clever design.

The mini dolls are so cute also!  They come with little accessories and are all interchangeable.  The girls had a blast taking apart their dolls and changing them around.  The head has two sets of eyes for new looks.  All the accessories can be stored in their head under the hair.

The eyes on this side have glasses.  Lots of storage space.

The girls lined up the dolls to show off their fashions.
The girls enjoyed making their own accessories by making necklaces.

 We also had some bounce house fun outside even though it was a bit cold for us Floridians.

We had hotdogs and chips for lunch.  Then each girl (and boy) got to decorate a sugar cookie to eat.

We LOVE Pinypon!

After all the fun, we had a secret raffle for two Nenuco Makes Bubbles Dolls and a Pinypon Caravan.  The parents that won snuck them off to their cars for surprise gifts.  We also sent all of the girls off with a few treats in a goody bag. 

 They all had a great time!

If you are looking for some cute and great gifts for girls ages 4-7 check out Pinypon.

I received the toys for free to review and to giveaway at the party. I was not compensated in any other way for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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