Friday, January 20, 2012

Men's room and Changing Tables

When I first saw this sign I thought "Yes!  A place that has a changing table in the men's room."  I already ranted on this here, so it's nice to see a place for men to change their babies.

I looked again and I realized that the picture of the person changing the baby has on a dress.  Does this mean that men can only go in and change their baby if they have on a dress?  Does it mean that women are free to go into the men's restroom to change their baby if the one in the women's room is being used? 

My husband says he prefers a woman coming in to change her baby rather than a man in a dress.  I don't really care, I'm not going in the men's room...I've heard stories about the "nasty" men's rooms. ;-)

I'm just happy to have a husband that changes diapers!  :-)  I have lots of younger siblings and I don't ever remember my Dad changing a diaper...ever.

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