Sunday, May 5, 2013

Reading Eggs Review + 2 weeks free!

We had the opportunity to try out Reading Eggs.   The child takes a test and as soon as they miss three it chooses what lesson to start on.  My daughter started on map 6.  One question she missed was an accidental selection.  The other two she didn't know.  She was very interested in playing the "game."  I love educational games that keep children interested.

We didn't have a mouse hooked up so she had to carefully navigate with the mouse pad which involves lots of dragging and dropping.  I finally went and found a mouse that she could use and that helped a little.  It will be much better on an iPad. Unfortunately, it isn't available on iPad or Android yet, but it is coming soon.  I think we will both like it more once that is updated. 

The lessons that she completed were very repetitive.  She had to move words around to complete the correct sentence. She did this for quite a while.  If she didn't get the sentence correct she would have to start over and she'd have to get it correct twice to move on and collect eggs.  When she got tired of doing lessons and was ready to stop for the day, she found the arcade.  She was able to use eggs that she earned doing the lessons to play games.  That kept her happy for a bit longer.  She got annoyed with the driving test because she took a 20 question sight word test and when she finished it she was allowed to race her.  Unfortunately, it glitched when she clicked the mouse to jump (like it says) and it made her start over.  The mouse had to be right over the road.  I think it would have been better if it used arrows instead of the mouse.  There are so many aspects including spelling, library, story factory, puzzle park, driving tests(sight words, letters, contents), and many more.

I can tell there was a LOT of time put in so that the children have lots to do.  I encourage you to use the two week trial and try it out for yourself.  There is no credit card required.   I do love that there is testing to try to get an idea of where the child is, so they aren't bored starting at the beginning.  I didn't try the program on my 3 year old because he is not very good with a mouse.  Once it is available on touch screen tablets then it will be great for him as well.

Free two week trial with no credit card required!

We were given a 3 month trial to review the product. All opinions are my own.

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