Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dial it Back Fruit2o Party!

We were selected to host a Fruit2o party!  It was perfect timing as are Florida weather is really starting to heat up.  We set up the water slide bounce house that we some how managed to inherit from Granny and Papa (thanks!!).  The kids had a blast while the parents relaxed a little bit.

We enjoyed some Fruit2o to quench our thirst!  It was very good.  The kids and adults enjoyed them.  One person was excited to see the Fruit2o and said "Ohh..something I can actually drink."  Another said, "I hate water, but I can drink this."  I was able to give almost everyone a Fruit2o cup and a coupon to get their own.

It's water with natural fruit flavors, no sugar, no calories, no carbs, and no artificial flavors.  My favorite so far is the Strawberry.   
The kids really had a blast!  I know both of mine fell asleep really fast that night. 

 We had some inside fun too.

 Everyone drank my I need to go get some more.  We only have 7 more days of school left and I could use some more while out with the kids in the Florida heat. 
Great for nursing Mamas too.  :)

 Mmm...  We got our Fruit2o at Publix.  It was about $3.50 for six bottles.  

Available in these flavors: tropical fruit, strawberry, raspberry, cucumber lemon, watermelon, peach, orange, lemon, grape, and cherry.

Fruit2o bottles and coupons provided by MommyParties.  All opinions are my own.

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