Saturday, December 8, 2012

Silly kids

I was checking the roll in one of my 1st grade classes and one girl wasn't there. When I asked about her, a sweet boy answered "she was transported to another school."

A couple weeks later in the same class someone said something about a heart attack (not sure why) and the same little boy said "a heart attack is when someone gets really scared and they pass away quickly."

I asked a Kindergarten class what you use to sew. A little girl yelled out "cookies!" I said "not cooking, but sewing." She said "a hammer!"

I was playing with my kids and my daughter said "Ok, now pretend me and Bubby are the kids." That was some hard pretending. :p

We were playing rock, paper, scissors with my daughter and she kept waiting to see what she was going to play. We explained to her that she had to play when we said 1, 2, 3 shoot. She seemed to understand. We play "1, 2, 3, shoot..." she plays a gun. She wins! :p

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