Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bug infestation!

We bought butterfly nets from Target for a $1 and the kids set out to find bugs in the backyard. The only problem is they couldn't find any. They found an occasional lizards but they aren't really fast enough to catch them.

We ended up hiding little smurfs (thanks McDonald's) and several other small animal figurines and called them "bugs.". This is better for me anyway. I don't have to deal with live bugs. I decided to buy some real bugs (well real plastic bugs) to hide.

Daddy was mowing the yard so we settled in hiding them in the porch.

They love hiding and finding bugs. It's like Easter everyday, but with bugs not eggs.

Sissy was yelling "hot" and "cold" to Bubby. Don't you just live her fashion sense? She gets that from her Daddy. Eh. Who are we kidding? She probably gets it from me.

Should I let her go to the birthday party in her awesome outfit? One of the birthday boys gave her the shirt so I may just let her. :p

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