Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paint the Moon

I know I've blogged about Paint the Moon actions before, but that was before I purchased some of her actions.  It all started with a freebie.  I think I got a little obssessed for a moment and bought more of her actions than I was originally anticipating.  I had one of my rare moments of splurging, but this time I do not regret my purchases. 

  I took some pictures of my kids in our screened in back porch with a black (cheap & somewhat wrinkled) muslin background.  I used my Cannon Rebel Xsi and 50mm lens.  I cheated and used Auto for a lot of this photoshoot.  Here are the settings it chose for me. :P  ISO 200 F 2.5 1/60
Here is a before shot.


 I love it!  It's not perfect.  I'm NOT a professional.  Just a Mom with a nice camera.  We don't have a fancy studio.  This is seriously our back porch, so no flash just natural light.  We have not gone back to Sears Portrait Studio since about this time last year.  I'm still annoyed about how we were lied to about their prices.  We weren't as happy about the prints that we got back either.  The backgrounds were all wrinkled, the chair that was featured in front of our family photo had stuff on it (I'm afraid to know what) that they claim is supposed to be "antique" when my husband pointed it out. We did get some nice pictures and I love the studio look to photos, but we were overcharged and the quality wasn't as good as we've had in the past.  When I wrote to complain (mainly about the being lied to and overcharged) they sent us a free 10x13 coupon which you can find in every flier, email, ad, all over the place.  Anway (sorry for the rant)....we haven't gone back and you know what?  I don't miss it thanks to my camera  and Paint the Moon actions.  Plus I save tons of money.  If I had gone to Sears (or any place) the number of times I set up my "studio" it would have costed much more than I've spent on the camera and actions.  If only I could have better photographer skills and still, perfect children.



See?  Who needs Sears Portraits?!  :)

I used Remove Wonky Colors from Miracle Makeover and Wham Bam (my favorite!!) from Fresh Wonderland Two.

Check out her page.  One of the actions I purchased months ago was just updated...for free!  How awesome is that?!  I find myself just looking through her beautiful photos on her sites!   I would love to have some of those skills...I'm working on it slowly. 

I was not compensated for this post in anyway.  I purchased photoshop actions myself throughout the year.  I just love them that much I had to share.  :)

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