Saturday, January 8, 2011

Photoshop Actions - Free

I love anything that makes my pictures look professional because getting professional/studio is very expensive.  We hadn't gone in almost two years, but decided to go to Sears (had to get a matching shot of little man to match his sissy's) and we were disappointed in some of the pictures and the cost was just way too much.  We did get some great shots, but it didn't help that the salesperson lied about the cheapest package with the CD.  Lesson learned.  :|

I've used gimp, a free photo editing software similar to photoshop, to edit my own photos and create collages.  My husband purchased photoshop when when he started his Masters Program, so I've been trying to learn photoshop. 

Paint the Moon Photography has free actions (automatic...or mostly automatic editing tools) for photoshop if you like them on facebook

 I think we will stick to taking our own pictures from now on. 

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Weather Anchor Mama said...

Hey Mommy to 2! I stumbled across your blog and had to respond to your post. I feel the same way about these photo places like Sears. I've been wanting professional pics of my little one since she was born. After researching different places, I realize that I'm better off taking them myself. I've also been learning photoshop and I'm kind familiar with gimp. My pics are getting better.

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