Monday, June 27, 2016

Maze Circuit Game review

This item was provided for the review.  All opinions are our own.

Review done by an 8 year old, "Sissy." 

I like this game a lot.  It's great for people who want to learn.  I got some of the challenges correct,  but with a different solution. My Dad helped me with some of the cards.  The little pieces didn't always stay on the game.

Review by Mom and Dad.

This game is a great educational logic game.  It's a one player game, although I could see working together as a team to complete the challenges.  The player is given a card or "challenge" (60 challenges beginners to experts) that shows what tokens can be used.  Some tokens have a set place and you use the other tokens listed to create your circuit.  If it works, beacons are lit up to show the electric current.  My husband helped our 8 year old with it.  She loved it.  She got excited each time she lit up the beacon lights.  She did have to think about some of them for a bit.  My husband tried an expert level by himself and even he took a bit to find the solution.  He LOVES logic puzzles so this is the perfect game for him.  I'm a teacher and will be sharing this game with other teachers to possibly use as a center in class.  

We did have some issues with the tokens not staying in the grid correctly.  They'd pop out.  It was difficult to get out of the packaging, but all the tokens have a place to be put back in.  It does require 3AAA batteries.  There are also lots of warnings about not overloading a circuit.  Basically, you should monitor children playing it so that they aren't overloading the battery causing it to overheat.  

The game is available on Amazon for $29.99.  Check it out here.

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