Friday, September 13, 2013

Reading Eggs - Free 5 Week Trial - No Credit Card Required

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My daughter is officially a Kindergartener.  She just completed her first week and she LOVES it.  She's already a reader, so I'm very interested to see her testing results when they start testing.  I'm very curious to find out what her reading level is.  We've tried out reading eggs a bit and have some idea based on the lessons she's completed there.  She played a bit and was really getting into it just before school started.  She loved it.  She was learning how to alphabetize words, use a dictionary, and was doing great on reading comprehension.

Update: They now have a Five week free trial with no credit card requiredI highly recommend that you try it.  It's free!  Offer ends 9/30 so hurry!

It was developed by teachers, educational writers, animators, web developers.  My 3 year old hasn't tried it, but he watched Sissy play and seemed very interested.  It's suitable for ages 3-12 and teaches core reading curriculum of skills and strategies.  Our schools are going to common core standards, so this is perfect.  There are over 500,000 subscribers which shows that it is a good program.  I read online forum reviews and many parents recommend reading eggs over similar programs.  They also have developed new apps and also have a math program called Mathseeds.

I was not compensated for this post.  I will receive a 3 month subscription to review the program.

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