Friday, March 16, 2012

Rainbow Craft for St. Patrick's Day

We decided to continue with the Saint Patrick's theme this week and made rainbows.  I love that it was easy enough for my one year old to do...I know, I know he's almost two, but I have exactly 2 months to keep calling him one.

Step one: Tear up paper.  Bubby LOVED this.  He enjoys tearing things up.  I let Sissy use scissors to start with because my friend, the art teacher, always tells me how kids just don't know how to use scissors.  Turns out Sissy does okay with scissors (for a 4 yr old at least), but she did not know how to tear paper.  She kept trying to pull at it instead of tearing it.  The fact that she was having trouble with this was an eye opener for me.
I love the look on Bubby's face in this pic!! lol

I put the glue on paper plates for them.  With Sissy, I gave her a whole plate to use.  She had to look for the glue and help make the rainbow shape.  She did want to make it go all the way around a couple times.  For Bubby, though, I cut the plate into a rainbow shape.  I figured it would help show exactly what it is.

We went a little crazy tearing paper.  We have extra for another project someday.

When they were done with the gluing all the pieces on they each picked a pot and got to stick on some gold.  We had some leftover metallic stickers from a mosaic project that were perfect.

This was their favorite part.  They didn't want to stop!

 We are ready for St. Patrick's day!  Actually, I have one more project to work on before then, but it's an edible/cooking project.  It will have to wait, so that it's nice and fresh.  It does involve rainbow colors. :)

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