Friday, June 1, 2012

About Me

My name is Jennifer Jean. I am a mom to two wonderful children. My energetic, yet shy, 4 year old girl named "Sissy." When her little brother was born I asked her what she wanted him to call her and she insisted on Sissy. I don't know where she heard the name sissy from, but that's what she chose.

I have a sweet, calm (mostly) little boy named "bubby." He has lots of nicknames though. Sissy calls him "brother" and I call him all kinds of things (ie Bubby, brother, bear-bear, little man, stinker, etc).

I decided to start this blog to write about my favorite things. My children, silly comments from students, deals (I'm a cheapo, so I love bargains), reviews, giveaways, etc. My husband and I are both teachers, so education is very important to us. We also like to read reviews and research every purchase we make (seriously...just about everything).  I think we are a bit obsessed with reviews, so I decided to write some of my own to help those that are obsessed like me.

I also have a new photography obsession.  I love taking and editing pictures.  I've been doing a lot of photography sessions lately.  Did I mention that they have all been free?  I do them for friends and family, so I don't ask for money.  I don't feel professional enough to ask anyway.

I'm PR friendly and LOVE to share the word about good products. This is how I decide to buy most of my products by reading other reviews. I end up buying my favorites for gifts because they are just SO good that my friend's and their kids need them too. :-)

If you'd like me to share or review a product, please feel free to contact me at
 We took our own Christmas photo this year.  My husband had the remote. :)

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